“Kiwi Nails”

Kiwi Nails

Never Green Before, Eletrix Blue, Gem Into The Future

Polka Dots.

Polka Dots.

“Game Time!”

Game Time!

“Black Skittle”

Black Skittle

Holi Manicure.

Holi Manicure.

St. George" by a-england + stamping with "Dragon" (a-england) and "eternal" (p2)

Note to myself: don’t try the yoghurt - lemon juice - oil - honey - egg - mixture again to lighten up the hair colour. No visible effect and the hair smells like rotten yoghurt now. The hair is very dry now and still contains yoghurt pieces. .______________. (And after using conditioner and two deep conditioner, I’m really worried about my hair.)

Anyone else some advices how to lighten up the hair colour? It is dyed with dark brown (it isn’t a colouration, it is an intensive wash out colour … kind of soft colouration if you want to put it like that) at the moment and I want to go back to a light brown/dark blonde.

I don’t want to use a chemical product to remove the hair colour (or go to the hairdresser because that costs a fortune). So has someone an advice for me?


I proudly present my winter Olympics nails!

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